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Wondering where to learn Korean in Singapore? We’ve got you covered, by covering all the major Korean language schools in the market!!

This site shares the 7 most important things to look out for in choosing your perfect school, provides a comprehensive review of more than 15 top schools offering various Korean lessons, and allows you to see actual reviews and recommendations from real students:

  1. Part I: For 7 important factors to consider when learning Korean, continue reading

  2. Part II: See other review/aggregation sites for more reviews.

  3. Part III: See the more than 15 individual school reviews, featuring most major Korean language schools, including detailed reviews of schools from real students, sourced from the internet. Scroll down further.

  4. Part IV: Dive straight into the over 100 reviews & comments by real students who have actual experience with these schools or even teachers. Scroll to the end of this page.

(For those with questions, or who would like to contribute your comments, please share freely below too, at the bottom of this page.)

Part I: 

7 Important factors to consider when choosing a school

So you’re starting your journey on a new and exciting language – Korean, joining the hallyu! Here are some factors that you should consider in choosing if a school is the best fit for you:

1. Learning objectives

One of the first things is to ask what would be your objective for learning: Is it for casual and fun learning, to communicate with your future Korean spouse (hence Conversation Korean); for business with Korean clients, to travel Korea, to seek a job in Korea (hence Business Korean), or to pass that elusive TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) test (hence prep tests)? This is because different schools may focus on different aspects of Korean language, for example, conversational, written, listening, speaking business Korean etc, and may offer intensive lessons, very targeted TOPIK prep lessons, or even special lessons just for kids.

2. Location, location, location

There are many schools in Central area, esp Bugis and Orchard, but also good ones in East and West (okay, mainly the West). If you are rushing from work, a centrally located one makes much more sense if you are working in downtown Singapore. Of course, if you are only going for weekend classes, choose one near to you! A list of good schools by location can be found here at Korea Monthly site.

3. Course materials and culture program

Some schools use popular Korean university texts such as Kyung Hee Uni, Sogang Uni, Seoul Uni ones, others make their own. The textbooks do make a difference, so do remember to check out and ask what is the material used. Some like Sogang Uni text are well grounded in all aspects, while other focus more on conversational aspect, like Seoul Uni.

Another consideration is the cultural part: Many schools may have fun cultural parts to play Korean games or even cook Korean dishes, both within the lesson proper and outside. Others throw occasional parties / festivals or organize other outings for students; yet others may even bring their students on study trips to Korea for a truly Korean experience!

4. Learning environment / teacher quality

Would you want to learn the Korean language in a small but up and rising establishment, or an established school with one size fits all teaching methods? If you are going to a school at all, choose one with friendly staff and an environment that you feel comfortable in. This may also affect the quality of the teachers, which makes the most difference, not so much as whether you are in a new building or an old one, so definitely look out for feedback on the teachers and schools (hence this review page).

5. Budget & Promotions

A golden advice:  if you pay peanuts, you may just get your monkey.  Would you pay $200 for a mediocre and boring course, or $300 for an enriching and interesting one? Check out this useful reminder:

Ask for any ongoing promotions – such as when you introduce a friend, any registration fee waivers, or for any demographic groups – seniors, NSF, children etc etc.  Many schools now accept use of SkillsFuture credits, so please do spend this training money that gahmen is giving to you (why not??!!).

6. Availability of suitable levels

Of the right level of Korean courses – placement test may be required, usually just simple written or even verbal assessments. Also, having more classes of the same level increases your chance of going for make-up classes in another class, so look out for these.

Try to go for those with free trial lessons (why not!!??) as they give you the best ideas of what you are getting for your money.  Some centres may even allow you to sit in (as trial) for existing classes for free if the class is not full. All you need is to ask.

7. Course length and timing

Most are part-time, some may have full-time courses. Length varies from school to school, and even from level to level within a school, but usually around 8-10 weeks for a single course. Courses are usually during weekday evenings and anytime on weekend, but many also offer other types of sessions apart from on-site classrooms 1) private sessions where the teachers go to you / your workplace, and 2) corporate sessions, where the school sends the teacher to teach some of your staff / students in your company or institution, or even lessons for young children.

In summary (for now – see below for more)

So you really need to see the fit and hear from those who have been there. So that you don’t have to, we’ve looked up some options for studying Korean in Singapore. Scroll down further to access! (Note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list).

Wait, there’s more below…

Part II:

Other useful Korean school review/ranking sites

So how does our own review of the courses look? And don’t just take our word for it, do scroll to the bottom to hear from our readers too!

Part III:

Review of Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

1. ezSAM Korean Language Centre

ezsamezSAM boasts of an impeccable address in central Singapore i.e city centre or more precisely the heart of Orchard Road shopping belt – classes are held in Far East Shopping Centre, beside Wheelock Place. Opened in August 2012, this school targets working adults, from beginners to advance levels. Classes are kept small (less than 16), and some tutors will come with a glowing resume, with years of experience and having taught in major institutions in Singapore such as NUS, Singapore Korean School, etc.

ezSAM has complimentary trial lessons regularly, on a more or less monthly basis, for beginners (pre-registration required). Great focus on grammar and does not neglect the sharing of cultural aspects of Korea… they even lead their students on Korea study trips to Jeju, Seoul, etc!

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: No peanuts. $220 – $380 for 6-10 sessions, each session lasting 2 hours each
  • Location: Great (city centre of Singapore). Far East Shopping Centre.
  • Frequency and duration: Once a week for 6/8/10 weeks, 2 hours per session
  • Course content: Textbooks used will be Sogang Korean. Good focus on grammar although it places emphasis on the conversational aspect of the Korean language 
  • Overall: * * * * * (Thanks for feedback below)
  • Link:

2. Daehan Korean Language Centre

daehanAt Daehan, one can find lessons catered to their level of proficiency, and choice of once or twice a week lessons. Located in relatively central area of Kembangan, this centre promises to help you level up your Korean in the shortest time, with native Korean teachers and a systematic syllabus.

There is a get together event, the Korea festival, for the students, staffs every year where participants can experience Korean culture, K-pop and Korean Dances, Korean game and plays, food. This private school, one of the first Korean schools here, is dedicated to Korean language education, boasts of an average of over 800-900 students per month. With the numerous good reviews by our readers on the good quality of the teachers, flexible nature of the course, and the conducive environment for learning, this is definitely the school to beat in Singapore.

No need to point you to other reviews elsewhere… check out the many feedback below from our readers on Daehan to find out what the students think about this school.

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: Not cheap. Around $360 (May vary depending on whether one studied there before, and if book purchase is included – info courtesy of our reader).
  • Location: Can be better. Off central area in Singapore (beside Kembangan MRT station)
  • Frequency and duration: Fair. Once a week for 12 weeks, 1.5 hours per lesson
  • Course content: Good. Small group lesson with focus on grammer, speaking, conversation, reading and writing.
  • Overall: * * * * * (thanks to the great reviews from our readers)
  • Link:

3. Sejong Korean Language School

Sejong is run by a native Korean who was educated in Singapore. Having reviewed major Korean-for-foreigners textbooks available and studies the syllabus and requirements for the TOPIK Exams, and spoken to learners of Korean, Sejong KLS has developed a robust system for Singaporeans, complete with their own specialised course notes, delivering them in an easy to understand  context.

Catered more for working adults, and concentrates mainly on conversation, this school has a neat and professional feel about it, and staff profile shows they have many capable teachers in their stable too.

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: No peanuts. $360 for 1 term (no registration fees and all the course materials are provided – info thanks to our reader)
  • Location: Good – International Plaza, opposite Tanjong Pagar MRT station
  • Frequency and duration: Each term comprises 1 weekly session, 12 lessons long, 1.5hrs per session
  • Course content: Good. Developed in house and based on extensive research.
  • Overall: * * * * * (thanks for the great reviews)
  • Link:

4. iSpeak Korean Language Centre

ispeakClassroom_01Another language school to look out for, iSpeak Korean Language Centre is another school that boasts of full time professional native Korean teachers with years of experience teaching in major institutions such as National University of Singapore (NUS), NUS Extension (NEX) and Korean Tour Organization.

Not just about language, this centre teaches you about the Korean culture – From customary practices (such as weddings) to history, you will gain insights into what it feels to be a Korean. Here’s one school that feels that engaging your senses with a tinge of humor is the most effective methodology!

What’s also special, it has special courses such as conversational course and korean for secondary school students.

  • Cost: Not peanuts. 8 sessions x 2 hrs ($300), 10 sessions x 2 hours ($340)
  • Location: Good. 1 North Bridge Road. (8 mins from City Hall MRT and 5 mins from Clarke Quay MRT)
  • Frequency and duration: 8-10 lessons, once a week. 
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: * * * * (thanks for the reviews)
  • Link:

5. Singapore Korean School (Korean Language Centre)

Singapore Korean School

Formerly located in Paya Lebar, they have relocated to Bukit Timah area, which means good news for those staying in the west of Singapore, but not so for the rest.

The Singapore Korean School conducts Korean Language Classes for non-korean speakers every quarter of the year (Jan, Apr, July & Oct). Korean Language Course consists of 9 levels and each level runs twice a week for ten weeks.

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: Ok on a per hour basis ($487 for 18 session of 2 hours each, inclusive of GST)
  • Location: West. Off city centre (West of Singapore)
  • Frequency and duration: Good. Lessons twice a week (Starts every quarter of the year – Jan, Apr, July & Oct).
  • Course content: Fair. The courses integrate reading and writing skills as well as introduction to the culture, customs and etiquette of Korea.
  • Overall: * * * * 
  • Link:

6. Ganada Korean Language Centre

Made up of Korean teachers who have gone through the requisite training and has vast experiences in teaching the Korean language, from middle and high schools in Korea to universities in Singapore, GaNaDa Korean Language Center pledges classes with originality.

GaNaDa Korean Language Center’s mission statement is to invigorate individualized education programs, thus meet the demands of the locals and accomplish educational fruitfulness.(adapted from their website).

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: Affordable. 12 sessions x 1.5 hours ($198, excl registration fees and course materials, from website)
  • Location: Good. In Bugis, besides National Library
  • Frequency and duration: 8-12 lessons, once a week. * 10 sessions include learning of Hanguel (Korean alphabets) in the first 2 lessons.
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: * * * *
  • Link:

7. ONLYOU Korean Language School

This rising star of a school has a motto to make Korean learning a big part of your life, and it has the activities to prove it. Many classroom and Korean cultural activities can be found.

Check out the glowing testimonials from students. The school has moved to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre in Nov 18, providing a better learning environment for students with them in mind. It certainly is a boon to the students living in the West.


  • Cost: Reasonable, $240 for 8 sessions of 1hr 30mins (with discounts for 1st time registrations and full time students, even NSF –> that’s new!)   
  • Location: West. Relocated to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. 
  • Frequency and duration: Ok.
  • Course content: Looks pretty structured, from basic course focusing on Korean for everyday life, to drama/song appreciation, to newspaper/journals for advanced levels.
  • Overall: Pending feedback.
  • Link:

8. inlingua

inlinguaReceptionThe Korean syllabus for group courses covers Elementary (1 to 4) and Intermediate (1 to 2) levels divided into Modules of 20 hours each. Each level comprises 3 modules. Students are taught the 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but the inlingua method places most emphasis on speaking. Group classes are small and depending on the course there are between 4 and 15 participants per class.

The cost of each module (20-hours) is S$380, Registration, Books, Material and Testing. The frequency can can vary with lessons once a week for 10 weeks, twice a week for 5 weeks or three times a week for 3.5 weeks. 10 units are covered in each module. Each unit is covered in a 2-hour session.


  • Cost: Not peanuts. $380 per level
  • Location: Great. 51, Cuppage Road (behind the Centrepoint), 5 minutes from Somerset MRT Station.
  • Frequency and duration: Vary, 1-3 times a week, 10 lessons in one level, and 2 hours per lesson
  • Course content: Good. 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but the inlingua method places most emphasis on speaking
  • Overall: * * * * (thanks to feedback)
  • Link:

9. Agape School of Education

An MOE registered school, this established centre offers numerous languages, a variety of courses, and small class size to boast.  Certification-wise, this helps bring you closer to achieving your dream of passing that all important TOPKI test. There appears to be quite good reviews of the Korean teacher(s), who brings life to the language and makes learning fun and interesting.


  • Cost: Affordable at $208 inclusive of learning materials (To check against recency)
  • Location: Good. Thomson Road, near Novena MRT station Exit
  • Frequency and duration: Each level has 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: * * *
  • Link:

10. Hankook Korean Language Academy

hankookHankook Korean Language Academy provides fun and interactive Korean Language classes for all ages since Year 2014. They offer a series of classes for different levels – from Beginner to Master Level and for those who are interested in taking the TOPIK exams. The class size is small which means the student gets more individual interaction between student and teacher and giving them opportunity to learn at their own pace.

They can be contacted via or 6333 0048/ 9160 7048.


  • Cost: $220 for Basic Level 1 (Incl. free workbook, excl. registration fees and textbook) – Current promotional price
  • Location: Excellent. Located in between Bugis and City Hall (Less than 8 minutes from the MRT station)
  • Frequency and duration: Each level is 8 sessions, 2 hrs per session
  • Course content: Textbooks – Active Korean (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced), Yonsei (Master), Kyung Hee (Topik), Ganada (Private Class)
  • Overall: *** (Thanks for the comprehensive reader feedback!)
  • Website:
  • Facebook: 

11. Seoul Korean Language Centre

Seoul Korean Language Centre is a new Korean school, established in 2018/2019 in the north east area of Hougang. Some interesting new features from this school includes free Korean alphabet online course, free TOPIK practice online test, online Korean language level test, more online programs are offered free. They have free trial lesson held in 2 weeks interval, and registration fee is waived on the trial lesson. Prices are reasonably cheap so if you’re staying in the region, might be worth giving it a try!  


  • Cost: Reasonable. $198 / 10 classes for Basic 1 Course (Textbook $30, Registration $20)
  • Location: North East. Hougang.
  • Frequency and duration: 10 lessons in one level, and 1.5 hours per lesson
  • Course content: TBD
  • Overall: TBD
  • Link:  Email:  Phone: +65 97212433

12. Hanok Korean Class 

Hanok Korean Class is established in October 2010, but appears to be in operation since 2003. Teachers are well qualified: They have teaching experiences in NUS Extension, Cambridge Institute, Polytechnic and various corporations.

Located 5-10 minutes’ walk from Jurong MRT station, this would be ideal for those living in the west and not so for the rest.

New feature: Collation of real student reviews from the internet


  • Cost: OK. $180 (6 session x 1.5hrs ) – $290 (12 x 1.5hrs) per level 
  • Location: West. 5-10 mins from Jurong East MRT.
  • Frequency and duration: 10 lessons in one level, and 2 hours per lesson
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: * * * (thanks to our user feedback)
  • Link: 

13. Hangeul Korean Language School

Hangeul Korean Language School is a relatively new school made up of a group of experienced native speaking teachers.

This school not only provide language lessons in Korean but also provide opportunities for diverse discussions during class as part of improving the students’ conversation skills.  Seems to have a focus on conversational skills.

The school also provides Korean language service – translation, copywriting, etc, so this is pretty interesting.


  • Cost: OK.  9 sessions of 1.5 hours each ($280 incl GST), or 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each ($340 incl GST)
  • Location: Good. Middle Road.
  • Frequency and duration: 9-12 sessions per week.
  • Course content: Lesson plan and course materials developed in-house
  • Overall: Pending feedback
  • Link:

14. Learn Korean Singapore

Provides Korean lessons in Singapore customized to teach and groom people of all ages to love learning Korean quickly and easily.

This school offers Normal /Intermediated/Advanced Group Courses exclusively for Secondary Students, ITE/JC/Polytechnic students, Adults. Business Korean is also available – includes some business etiquette, some do’s and don’ts in Korean that would help in dealings, both personal and professional, with the Korean locals.


  • Cost: TBD.
  • Location: Good. Thomson Road, near Novena MRT station Exit
  • Frequency and duration: 7 sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: Pending feedback
  • Link:

15. United Language Center

  • Cost: TBD. ULC is offering 4 beginner classes for $88 (a $100 discount!) <Please check date of validity>
  • Location: Good. Raffles Place
  • Frequency and duration: TBD
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: Pending feedback
  • Link:

16. Jang Korean Culture Centre

  • Cost: Affordable at $150-$190 for 10 sessions of 1hr 30mins, depending on level and whether you are PA passion card member  
  • Location: Based in community centres
  • Frequency and duration: 10 sessions of 1hr 30mins
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: Pending feedback
  • Link:

17. Kimko Korean Language Tuition

  • Cost: Very affordable at $70 per hour for 1-1 lesson and $100 for 2-3 persons   
  • Location: West. Bukit Batok
  • Frequency and duration: TBD
  • Course content: TBD.
  • Overall: Pending feedback
  • Link:

18. Community Centres

Some community centres also have Korean language courses.  Theses are the most affordable options, although you would have to find a community centre that actually offers the language course at the level you are comfortable in.

  • Cost: Very affordable
  • Location: Depends if you can get one near you that offers Korean classes at your level
  • Course: Unknown
  • Overall: *  (Based on some reader feedback)
  • Link: Check here for courses


The information contained in this site reflects the biased opinion of the author based on what the author knows, has experienced or read.  The order of the schools does not necessarily reflect specific ranking; we’ve evolved from that (too), because every language school is, or has the potential to be, a good school :=)

The author will not be held liable for any misrepresentations or inaccuracies inadvertently made, within the article or through the comments by readers.  Things change from time to time: Readers are advised to check out the actual school website for updated school fees, and other information pertaining to the school.  

Part IV:

116 thoughts on “One of the most comprehensive review sites for Korean Language Schools in Singapore”

  1. Hi, will you be able to advice which school(s) is/are suitable for a 6 year old toddler? She speaks mainly English and some Mandarin, and is really keen to pick up Korean language.

  2. May I mention a newly opened Korean language school?
    It is Seoul Korean language centre located near Kovan mrt.
    maybe cheapest in Singapore but the teacher have Korean teaching license by the Korean government and lessons are very interactive and interesting.
    And offers free online courses like learning Korean alphabet.

    • Thank you for the tip, Jasby. Very interesting.. Looks to be a good addition to this list. More feedback and comments on this (or any other) school pleeeeaase. Anyone?

  3. Hi Admin – I have not been back for quite a while here and wow, a lot of schools pop-ed up. Here to update the all of us on a language center at Bishan that I happen to explore.
    I used to go downtown for classes from Ang Mo Kio and also bus to KLC but recently found Kimmy Korean Language Center really near Junction 8 mall. Surprisingly, the school fees is decent for small class (4 students max) $320 per level, 16 hours.
    As I tried the test from teacher Kim, I managed to sign up for beginner 2 class.
    The teacher seems 30s, so easier to relate to my experience at korean company and in general, K-wave. So far in my 3rd class, atmosphere is good because I really get more time to practice (only 2 students in mine)… but I can tell she prefers hardworking students. update you guys when I complete in another month or so.

    • Hi Steven, thank you for contributing this review. Yes, there’s too many schools for us to keep track…

      Hope to hear from you soon. And look forward also to other feedback and comments from the rest of our readers!

  4. Hello. I am Korean and an experienced future and FOREX trader and I plan to be based in Singapore for a while.
    If there is anyone out there who is interested in learning Korean, I can teach you trading skills and Korean in exchange for teaching me English perhaps two or three times a week.
    Please feel free to contact me at 83352964 or Line id: philipshin / Kakao: canma
    I’d be more convenient if you send me a text message first.

  5. Hi I’m a student of Jangkorean, learning the course intermediate 1. Personally, I thought it was much better than the other korean centres I have been to as they allow as many make up lessons if you happen to miss the class or simply because you just could’nt catch up with the rest, without being charged a single cent.

    And yes, probably one of the cheapest but it wasn’t at the expense of the quality of teachers there really. They didn’t mind staying back to answer ALL of my questions, no matter how ridiculous it sounded (even to me!) I could tell they sincerely want the students to fully enjoy learning korean and to have confidence in it!!:)
    There’s many different levels in this centres ( all the way till advanced 18) and you are good to literally work and live in korea after that.

    Of course, the convenience factor is there as well because Jangkorean teaches in many community centres so that you wont have to travel far out of town just to learn a language.

    Truly an option for someone who wants to learn korean in a long run without much pressure and hassle.
    Hope this helps!!!!

  6. Hi, I am interested to pick up Korean but I am stuck between choosing the school to go to. I am currently considering between Sejong and Daehan. I have read the reviews here but anyone has any reason why I should go one than the other?

    • Hi, would you like to share some experience or information about Hankook Korean Language School? Maybe we can include here if there is enough information.

      • Hi,
        I am currently taking classes with them and find that the teacher is friendly and helpful. The teacher ensures we understand before we move on to the next topic.

        Hankook Korean Language Academy provides fun and interactive Korean Language classes for all ages since Year 2014. They offer a series of classes for different levels – from Beginner to Master Level and for those who are interested in taking the TOPIK exams. The class size is small which means the student gets more individual interaction between student and teacher and giving them opportunity to learn at their own pace.

        They can be contacted via or 6333 0048/ 9160 7048.

        • Cost: $220 for Basic Level 1 (Incl. free workbook, excl. registration fees and textbook) – Current promotional price
        • Location: Excellent. Located in between Bugis and City Hall (Less than 8 minutes from the MRT station)
        • Frequency and duration: Each level is 8 sessions, 2 hrs per session
        • Course content: Textbooks – Active Korean (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced), Yonsei (Master), Kyung Hee (Topik), Ganada (Private Class)
        • Website:
        • Facebook:

  7. Hi! I am a student from Agape and would like to share about my experience with them.
    The teacher is a very nice and patient korean lady. She takes every of her students seriously and adjust her teaching style or speed according to the class needs. You can even ask her questions via sms and she will take time to explain the questions asap.
    Agape have a very homely feel…from their principal to staffs to teachers…they are always approachable and more than willing to help.
    I personally will recommend Agape to anyone who are interested in learning a new language in a comfortable homely environment.
    What i had learnt from them is not only a new language but also the culture and history with it. Along with a new found passion for language.

    • We are focused on sharing information on schools in this blog. Yes, some of the teachers may employ such methods in their private classes, though nothing beats meeting and learning face-to-face, in person (unless there is some price differential!). Let us know if anyone has any experience to share!

  8. Hi all,
    I am considering to take up Korean language class at Hongdae Korean Language School. Any comments/reviews about this school?

    • Hi! I took my Basic 1 at Hongdae Korean Language School around the start of this year. Overall, it had a very warm and friendly atmosphere and the class sizes are small, from about 8-15 people maybe? The teacher there also make the lessons very easy to understand. However, it gave off the impression of being more for casual learners than people who want to work/sit for TOPIK.

  9. Hey Guys!

    Learning Korean Culture in Singapore?

    I know a place where activities range from making traditional food, singing Korean songs, advice on the latest K fashion, Korean Language and many more!

    Join the K wave community, plus it is near DowntownMRT!

    Contact Me!

  10. Good afternoon

    we are offering cheap and funny korean class at Shenton House for no more than 60 SGD per month on a duration of 6 months with native korean.
    If you are interested to learn korean a funny (but still serious) way feel free to contact me or you can visit us we are at the third floor of shenton house .

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Best Regards


  11. Hi,

    I just want to let you know that SKIS (now renamed KLC) used to be one of the good Korean language schools.

    The cost is the cheapest as the number of contact hours is high (being <$15/hr including book cost).
    I also want to comment that SKIS should have just put a lump sum price that includes course fees, GST and books. They lost out on the psychology part because although on the face it it not a one price all inclusive, but it is in fact the most worthwhile course to go to
    – most schools are smart to put a price e.g. $360 but in fact after calculation of beginner to masters/all the levels, SKIS gives out the most.

    Agree that location wise they lost out on it, but the provide shuttle bus from both Clementi and Novema MRT station and would bridge the gap on the poor location.

    I last did my course in Basic 1 in 2010, and I found what they thought was really useful as they did covered the grounds required for the level requirement.
    When I last did, the teacher even specially booked a venue just to provide us additional lessons on her own accord outside of class timing and to help us with our Korean.
    I didn't continue due to commitments and I am going to do Basic 2 this coming Oct intake.

    • Also for SKIS, I think what they lost out was the advertising when many Korean language schools popped up and started doing aggressive marketing on Facebook and several other platforms.
      Also things to note is that Sejong and Daehan was the first to offer trial lessons, discounts systems on Korean lessons and and having a prime location helps them attract many students too.

      • I think what SKIS loses out on is that the teachers don’t they have a proper lesson structure and they just bank on contact hours. Granted that students pay less per hour but let’s face it; would you rather spend 3 to 4 hours for ineffective lesson that feels like a drag when you’re already struggling to set aside time for Korean language or 2 solid hours of focussed, well structured, concise Korean language lesson. You be the judge!

  12. I am studying under JangKorean at Bukit Batok CC. Currently at Elementary 2.

    Location: 5 min walk from Bukit Batok CC
    Class size: Up to 20. But my class size was less than 10. Conducive for those who dislike large classroom setting
    Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Plus points:

    Very affordable fees but yet able to maintain high standards of teaching.

    The teacher is the principal of Jang Korean, native speaking which is an advantage as we can pick up the correct accent better but she is also well-versed in English, so understanding is not a problem.

    The pace is very manageable based on the self-developed course materials. As long as the student pays attention and revises the material after each lesson, it is relatively easy to keep up with the lessons without needing to be talented in learning languages. Suitable for uncle, aunties, students, working adults who wish to progress at a comfortable pace.

    Minus points:

    More emphasis on reading skills, at least in the elementary stages. Hope there is more emphasis in Conversational Skills at intermediate level.

    Might not be suitable for learners who wish to progress at a faster pace.

  13. I like Korean language classes because after I attend elementary Korean language stage 1 and stage 2 with miss Lee Kyung Sil and mdm Jang In suk from Jang K.C Centre at Toa Payoh Central CC and Bishan North CC, I will occasionally listen on what they are talking in Korean while I am watching Korean drama through Dramatube and I will practice with my parents in one or two words in Korean but not simple , basic and fluent Korean anyway I am not going to write in Korean by attending intermediate and advanced Korean language from now as well as in the future……..

  14. I’ve been attending Korean language classes with miss Lee Kyung Sil and mdm Jang In Suk from Jang K.C Centre at Toa Payoh Central CC and Bishan North CC since 2011 to 2013 because I love Korean culture, Korean drama and Korean drama that I started them since 2011 but I find the intermediate and advanced Korean language are very difficult and very hard to understand so by the way, I watch Korean drama through dramatube very often for me to understand on what they are talking in Korean then I will speak to my three friends in one or two words in Korean but not simple, basic and fluent in Korean that I attended Korean language classes before at Toa Payoh Central CC and BIshan North CC.

  15. Hi everyone ^^

    I brought a good news!!

    I want to introduce korean class
    Refer to below specific informaions.

    Price : SGD 360
    Duration : 6 months
    Hours : 2~3 hours per class
    Time : every monday 7pm
    Level : BASIC conversation
    Teacher : native korean
    *The class material will be provided
    Comtact number : 8660 4912 / 8660 4913

    hope we meet together~ !


  16. Hi everyone~ Hi everyone~

    My name is JIYOUNG KIM.

    I came from korea and now live in singapore.
    I recently got a job at wine company in singapore ^^
    I wanna make singaporean friends
    So If you want to learn about korean, we can help each other~!!
    please E-MAIL me :

  17. HI would you know anywhere in Singapore where I can prepare for IGCSE Korean (First Language) ( Cambridge)? I’m a Singaporean Chinese not a native speaker so ill probably need some help

  18. Currently on my third term at Daehan and I’ve been enjoying every time i go to class! the teachers have their own teaching style and the staffs are very helpful whenever it comes to enquiry! I definitely recommend Daehan to whoever who is keen to learn korean!

  19. Some of the comments look fake. I have lived and studied in Korea. I know the below comment is simply untrue. The only certificate recognised is TOPIK and beyond that they almost 100% require an interview. A company will not accept you just because you study at a language institute.

    June 25, 2014 at 5:48 pm | Reply
    Also because I heard that Daehan Education Centre is the only Korean Language School in Singapore whose certificates are recognised by companies in Korea ^^ When I went to Korea to enquire about career opportunities even though I did not take my TOPIK, they told me that as long as I have a certificate from Daehan, it would suffice. Sadly, I had only learnt til Basic at that time so so couldn’t join that company, so am back in Daehan to further my Korean..!”

    • Hi Amy: we’ve added Hangeul Korean Language School into the list. This looks good. If you have feedback on this school, write to us!

  20. I am a student at Hanok Korean Class at level 3. Previously I was at Sejong, then I changed job to the west so I had to change school. Sejong is not bad, but I feel Hanok is really good, in terms of helping students in speaking and listening. Although the classes at Sejong were lively and fun, I feel at Hanok there are more practices going on and I learn more and “forced” to speak more. The teacher is really experienced and explain the grammar points well.

  21. I chose to study at Daehan Korean School due to good reviews and definitely would recommend this school to anyone looking to learn Korean be it for leisure, work, or school. I started with them in full-time course (4 days a week) and am now in their part-time regular programme~

    They have really friendly teachers who always extend their help, motivating you to do your best. The teachers and staff truly care for their students’ Korean language learning and regularly followup with us on our progress. Extra worksheets are given to enhance your learning beyond the textbook!

    Currently they have a free Korean movie night every month as well~!
    Even though I live all the way in Jurong, traveling to Kembangan for lessons is not an issue to me as I believe it is more important to choose the right school. I have truly enjoyed my experience in Daehan and will continue learning the Korean language here:))

  22. If anyone who wish to learn Korean at a more reasonable cost near of their neighbourhood community clubs, please google JungKorean and you will only need to pay $160 (Non PA member) rate for 10 lessons. I am starting mine in Pasir Ris East Community Club in end November. I will provide feedback when I have commenced.


  23. I am currently in my 4th term at Daehan Korean Language School and look forward to going for class every week! The teachers here are patient, passionate and dedicated. The staff are also extremely helpful and friendly too. A great learning environment!

    Definitely recommend Daehan to anyone interested to learn Korean~

  24. Hi everyone, here to contribute my reviews after deciding to learn Korean 6 months ago! I’m already moving on to my 3rd level in Daehan Korean School’s basic course.
    Just wanted to say that I’ve been enjoying my lessons here:) I suppose if you’re looking for a sleek, polished, corporate, high end school you won’t find that in Daehan. What really differs Daehan from the schools you find in the central/city area is it’s homely feel. It’s exactly how I picture a school to be, everytime I enter the school I’m greeted with warm “Annyeonghaseyos”. It is bustling with activity, laughter and nteraction among teachers, students and staff. On the walls are korean posters, art and music playing in the background.

    Lessons have been nothing but interesting so far! My teachers Ms Park and Ms Kim have been amazing and so patient towards myself and my classmates. They also always stay back after lesson to help students with queries. They also often go beyond the textbook and teach us many interesting aspects of the korean culture and the language.

    And hope they can update their website soon..i do admit it is a little tedious to find information u need from heir homepage. Well I usually just call or email them.. haha. They’re very prompt in helping me out.

    If you’re new to Korean and contemplating on a school to join, do give Daehan a try! 🙂

  25. Interpreters required for 1-day trade meeting @ Amara Hotel (Tanjong Pagar)- Oct 28, 2014

    Gyeonggi Business Centre Kuala Lumpur (GBC KL) is the South East Asian business hub representing the Gyeonggi government to assist Korean
    SMEs to penetrate the SEA markets through the promotion of regular trade missions with local buyers and specified trade meets with respective local industries.
    GBC KL organizes Trade Missions (both inbound and outbound) regularly with specialized pre-scheduled one to one meetings to match Korean SMEs with potential
    buyers in the similar industries to meet, interact and exchange business propositions with one another.

    We will be holding a 1-day trade event on Oct-28, 2014 over at Amara Hotel (Tanjong Pagar) from 10am to 5pm and will have 10 Korean companies visiting Singapore.
    To support the Korean businesses in their discussion with the local business, we will like to engage English-Korean interpreters for this 1-day event.

    Please email me at

  26. Hi everyone, I’m currently a student at Daehan Korean Language School, basic level~
    Just wanted to contribute my experiences at the school so far.
    I attended their trial class held every Friday night and decided to take up Korean class there immediately after. When I first stepped into the school, I was impressed by how lively and bustling the place was with students and teachers. They had quite alot of staff at the counter to handle the numerous requests, and even though they were busy I was attended to very quickly and guided to the trial class room. The trial class is conducted by the principal himself and he explained about the history of the Korean language and shared a little bit about the culture. After which he taught some basic Korean alphabets. I think it’s great that he shared these with us as it gave us a background to what we are going to study ^_^ he was very humorous and everyone was laughing throughout the class. It fueled my interest to learn the Korean Language!

    I have been studying Korean there for the past 4 months and look forward to my lessons! I have also been studying under 2 different teachers due to my busy schedule and their lessons have always been interesting, interactive and engaging!:)

    Thumbs up so far! my experience there has been nothing but enjoyable~

  27. I’ve been taking lessons at Daehan Korean Language School (Kembangan Plaza) for the past year and would like to recommend the school to all Korean learners.

    Because of how established they are and their highly qualified teachers, they are the only private Korean language school in Singapore that has lessons all the way to Masters level.

    Here are a few things I like about the school:
    1) A structured curriculum that is both interesting and comprehensible.
    2) Highly qualified, dedicated teachers. Interactive and engaging lessons.
    3) Professional and friendly staff
    4) Convenient location – just directly opposite the Kembangan MRT
    5) Their certs are both recognised in Singapore as well as Korea.
    6) Flexibility in arranging makeup classes
    7) Clean and conducive study environment
    8) Welcoming, fun and dynamic atmosphere

    Overall, I really enjoyed my time studying Korean at Daehan and look forward to lessons every week:) Have made many new friends as well!

  28. looks like is making a revamp! they’ve changed their website and have a few new special courses like Korean for Travellers and Korean for Drama Fans, looks quite interesting.

    they also offering free trial for the regular classes.

  29. I’m currently studying at Daehan Korean Language Centre. I was recommended by many of my friends and decided to enroll myself into their language course. What impressed me most about their school is how much they value each and every student. Because the school is so popular, the staff there are constantly swamped with queries but they never fail to attend to me patiently despite how busy they are!

    Daehan’s korean language course focuses on conversational korean but it also covers reading, writing and listening. Because the school has been established for such a long time, their syllabus extends to the Masters level. If u’re looking at studying Korean at a higher level, definitely should consider Daehan. Even if u’re only taking up Korean as a hobby, u will be able to learn alot about the language from the school.

    Also, the place is bustling with students and gives off a vibrant energetic vibe, so I truly enjoy my classes there^^

  30. Heard many rave reviews about Daehan and finally took the leap and signed up for classes there! So far I’m been studying there for close to 3 months.

    Let me share my experience. I took Korean lessons elsewhere before joining Daehan, and could immediately feel the difference studying at Daehan. I was initially worried about whether I could master the Korean language but my teacher has been extremely patient and explained it in a way that was easy to comprehend. The style of teaching was very relaxed, welcoming and interesting. My love for Korean grew while studying there!

  31. I’m currently taking lessons at Daehan Korean Language School (Daehan Education Centre).

    The school’s atmosphere is fun, relaxing and friendly. The teachers are very professional and patient. They go beyond the textbook and actually teach us about everyday slangs, cultures and even incorporate tidbits from dramas and music videos..Lessons are always interesting at Daehan.

    What’s great is that they have a range of classes, so if I can’t make it for a lesson, the staff will patiently find a makeup lesson for me. I can also do indiv makeup with my teachers. This is really important especially for busy students:)

    I truly enjoy my time learning Korean at Daehan and also look forward to their annual Korean cultural festival! 🙂

  32. The passion & love for Korean language draw people of all ages to Ara! We all have the same goal – to speak and write this language fluently in order to fully appreciate the rich and colorful Korean culture. I am determined to be in Korea and speak like a Korean expressively! I dream about meeting my handsome actor and telling him 사랑해요 (salanghayo = love) haha. This language is so artistic (words), musical (speaking tones), interesting (verb is placed in the end of a sentence) and lively (rich with emotions). In Ara, phonics, words, grammars, pronunciation, writing and conversation are taught by experienced and talented Korean teachers using organized and interactive method to make students feel fun and motivated in learning! With the flow of genuine interest in this amazing language, we all are happy to attend class and study at home! Ara gives us the key of freedom to be part of this wonderful culture but most importantly Ara gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves to master a new language. 감사합니다 gamsahabnida Thank you Ara!

  33. I have been learning Korean from Jack at Ara Korean Language School for close to 2 years now. Jack is a native Korean teacher and I found him to be a very patient and encouraging teacher especially when it comes to teaching slow learners like me. His lessons have always been fun-filled, engaging, clear, well-structured and pitched according to the students’ learning needs. They are designed to sustain interest and raise the Korean language proficiency of learners, be it in day-to-day conversations or in writing. Through the use of various teaching pedagogies, Jack designs the lessons to create authentic learning experiences which learners can connect with. For instance, learners may be tasked to communicate in Korean through the use of instant messaging tools, prepare speeches and dialogues on specific topics, read, write, listen and translate Korean songs and dramas. There is also an explicit teaching of Korean grammatical structures so that learners can identify and apply them easily. In addition, Jack infuses his lessons with information on Korean culture, thereby providing learners with background context on the use of the language. The School also keeps classes small so that the teachers can give their students direct and close attention. Korean festival activities are also conducted to promote students’ awareness of the Korean culture. My experience at Ara Korean Language School has been nothing less than enriching and I highly recommend the school to those who are interested in learning Korean.

  34. I’m currently taking classes at the Ara Korean Language School.

    The first thing that struck me about the school is its fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This makes it extremely conducive for a casual learner of the language like myself. Teachers use snippets from dramas and K-pop music videos to help us practice, which make the lessons immediately more relevant and interesting. I never knew studying a language could be so enjoyable! Having said this, the quality of teaching isn’t compromised. The teachers are incredibly well-prepared, qualified and professional.

    This brings me to my second point – the approachability and dedication of the teachers. When you step through the doors, you’ll immediately be greeted by a joyful chorus of “annyeonghaseyos”! They’re really friendly and make you feel comfortable. They even organize Korean cultural festivals at the school occasionally (see
    Even more importantly, when I miss classes, my teacher always obliges my requests for makeup classes. This makes me feel that they place their priority on how much we’re able to learn and take away from their program, and not on anything else.

    I attend the school at Beauty World Plaza, which is in the middle of a whole bunch of Korean establishments – restaurants, taekwondo schools, clothing stores, etc. This really brings your learning to life, and is the perfect location for a Korean language school, in my opinion.

    Do check out Ara Korean Language School if you want to learn the Korean language. Their website ( is pretty cool 😉

  35. I hv been learning Korean at Arakorean since last year. The lessons are very well structured and we get to learn a good mix of grammar & vocab at a reasonable pace. They use creative ways to make learning fun, like using kpop, online chats n other activities to engage us. The small class size also makes it possible for students to practice in class.

  36. I’ve been studying at Ara Korean for about 3 years now and it’s been an amazing experience!

    The teachers there are really friendly and they teach you things out of the context too, using various materials like Korean dramas and Kpop. which helps you to understand and learn things about the Korean culture.

    The teachers also teach us some daily Korean expressions/slangs to make it more practical. We are also given enough opportunity to write and speak in Korean, instead of plainly learning phrases or grammatical structures from the textbook.

    Furthermore, the price is very reasonable ($240 for 8 lessons) and the teacher provides help if you intend to take TOPIK too! If you’re looking for a place to study effectively and have fun, ARA Korean is the place.

  37. Just finished my advanced course with Daehan Education Centre. Have been studying with the school for more than 1.5 years! Never regretted taking lessons there! Met many friends with the same interest and passion in learning Korean too:)

  38. I’m taking classes at Daehan Education Centre now, even though I work in the CBD and live in the West! Main reason why I enjoy learning Korean at Daehan is the environment that they provide, it’s very welcoming to students, the teachers are patient and have alot of experience teaching korean to Singaporeans. Many of their teachers have been with them for a long time!

    Also because I heard that Daehan Education Centre is the only Korean Language School in Singapore whose certificates are recognised by companies in Korea ^^ When I went to Korea to enquire about career opportunities even though I did not take my TOPIK, they told me that as long as I have a certificate from Daehan, it would suffice. Sadly, I had only learnt til Basic at that time so so couldn’t join that company, so am back in Daehan to further my Korean..!

    So just an advice, for those looking to work in Korea in future, you can consider taking up Korean language classes at Daehan 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for compiling all these information about the schools! This site is awesome!!

  39. Hi, I took elementary korean 1 at the Frontier CC few years ago. Its pretty good as I compare the lesson structure to some other school. Its $110 for 12 lesson, 1.5 hr each/week. But I think lesson at CC depends on the teachers you get. So its good to know more about the teacher before you sign up for the class. You can actually call up the CC and request to speak to the teacher or ask more about them from the CC staff. So good luck to all! Well, CC are more convenient and economic if you are learning for interest, not for exam or work, I think.

  40. I’m a student at Daehan and want to share about my experience there.

    I was originally a student at Sejong but eventually moved to Daehan even though I live relatively far away from it. I find that Daehan’s teachers were more experienced, I was able to improve my Korean very quickly with them. My teachers were very friendly and often gave us tips on how to memorise the vocabulary and grammar.

    I’m glad that Daehan emphasises on the learning quality of each class by ensuring that the class size is conducive for learning (not too big or small)!

    I’m very satisfied with the service they provide especially the staff who would help me to arrange makeup classes owing to my busy schedule, answer to all my enquiries promptly. When I first joined them, they also patiently consulted with me on their courses and finding a class that best suits my level and schedule.

    The course fee might not be as cheap as other schools but I feel that it is important to choose a school that focuses on quality and wholesome Korean language learning rather than just choose the schools with the cheapest fees.

    • Hi Weng, I’m afraid there’s not enough infor on this. Hope you found what you wanted, and if so please share updates with us!!

  41. I am a current student at sejong korean language school and i would like to share my experiences with them:) Im currently taking classes with them because my friend and i decided to learn korean together and i would say to the rest of the korean language go-ers, GO FOR IT!!

    Service is one thing that’s of utmost importance for me and they didn’t fail to send me a text promptly to remind me that i have a class commencing before my first day of class:) The admins were efficient too and i was not hogged up in the queue when making school fees which would otherwise really get me on my nerves given my impatience:)

    Secondly they didn’t fail to pick up calls and tell me politely if i had queries about the courses before i signed up with them:) They also didn’t fail to give out textbooks to us on time for our use in class. The also explained clearly that there is makeup system and incase that i miss a lesson, i have several other options to choose from.

    Apart from that, the teacher that currently teaches me is a guy and he is really friendly and energetic! There are 12 people in my class. The classroom is neat and clean too.

    My teacher cracks jokes occasionally in class that makes the whole class laugh and fun to learn:) He focuses a lot on conversation drills which got us to be more confident in speaking out loud which i felt was very important especially for students who are taking up a third language for the first time, just like me! He also focusses on the academic portion too and makes sure of correct grammar usage which we write on the board for us to copy.

    He also explains grammar clearly in very good english with different examples and scenarios. He is also very structured in his teaching and makes sure everyone understands before going to the next segment of lesson:)

    I got to learn how to read hangeul fast now and it got me to be more confident in learning korean.감사합니다 선생님! My teacher also emphasises a lot on our pronunciation and corrects them and i was able to pronounce characters better. Prepare yourselves because there is homework at every unit and spelling tests! But it will be useful l because you get to practice my grammar and vocabulary at home:)

    BTW the textbook are self-made from the school themselves and it’s in colour even! which makes learning even more interesting than those dull black and white textbooks:)

    Overall I am very satisfied with sejong and i look forward to more classes with them. 안녕~!

  42. I am studying at Sejong Korean Language School after previously studying at Cambridge and Daehan. To be honest, I felt that I didnt really learn much at Cambridge. Daehan used a proper textbook which was a big improvement for me, but due to its far location I eventually moved to Sejong and am very happy there. The feedback I can give about Sejong is that Sejong’s teachers are very very good. My teacher was telling my class that the school is very strict when selecting teachers and that you need to have teaching experience, proper qualifications and be able to commit to full time teaching in order to get a job there. I think this really shows in the way the teachers deliver the lessons unlike the teacher at my previous school who I know was a part timer. Learning at a school is definitely more expensive than learning at CC but the quality difference is worth paying for. I think this school is definitely one of the most established and professional as I know they also teach corporate lessons to a lot of big korean companies in Singapore and are official korean teachers of OCBC bank, NUS, and Nanyang poly. I was from nyp so when I show them my alumni card I get a 15% discount at sejong as well so in the end its not that expensive.

  43. I took a Korean course at ERC Institute (near Orchard). It was an offer on groupon back then. I’d paid $150 for ‘good quality’ Korean classes. There was a total of 12 classes, good teaching materials and the teacher was very friendly and helpful (she’s from Busan and had a little bit of Busan accent though.) We could tell she really had the passion to teach her language. If I had continued to intermediate level, it would have still costed $150 but the person-in-charge suddenly went MIA and never got back to me. When I start working I plan to take Korean at the SKS. I’ve heard many bad reviews about CCs – teachers just rushing to finish their course, someone even said that the teacher scolded her for asking a question :/

  44. I chanced upon your review and am here to leave a comment about one of the language schools I’m attending…

    I’m a student at Daehan and what I like about them is that they are an established school with alot of experience in teaching Korean to Singaporeans. I think someone who is serious in taking Korean to a higher level should really explore taking classes at Daehan. They have up to Master level and also offer TOPIK classes.

    I personally really like the environment there. It’s a welcoming and supportive environment. The centre is bustling with students during lesson time, so the atmosphere is vibrant and fun

    I’m satisfied with the lesson frequency of twice a week, 1.5 hours. However they have more intense classes taking place thrice a week and also individual classes of which duration is slightly longer if I’m not wrong.

    Interesting fact: Their classes are named after cities in Korea! ^_^

    The centre is open everyday so would suggest to go down to enquire about their korean courses and take a look at their facilities before you make a decision. Regardless, after taking lessons there on and off over a year, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my Korean!

    p.s. this is an awesome post by the way, thanks for taking the time to compile the information!

  45. I’m currently taking classes with Daehan Korean Language Centre. What I liked about their courses was they were relatively flexible. You can consult with them on the areas you’d like to focus on your Korean (e.g. more conversational / more academic) as well as they budget and they will be able to recommend you a course that suits your needs best.

    Also, as their classes are not too big (ranging from 8 – 15 students per class), the teachers are able to give you their full attention and it is more conducive for learning. In addition, apart from the books, some of the teachers also give additional notes/vocab/idioms to aid in your study..

    They also offer TOPIK courses for those preparing to register for the exams!
    They also have this annual Korean Night Festival which you can participate as a volunteer. I think they’re holding it for their 6th year already The centre is located in Kembangan Plaza (opp Kembangan MRT) so it’s relatively convenient…

    Most teachers have been with the centre for a long time as well and come from top universities in Korea, so you know you’ll be in good hands. Also they use a mixture of Kyunghee and Yonsei textbooks, so there’s a well-rounded balance in grammar, vocab, speaking and writing.

    Hope you’ll take into consideration my comments in your article^^ Daehan is pretty popular among most of my friends as well!
    I’ve really enjoyed my time there and want to share this with others hoping to learn Korean.

  46. Hello ? Welcome to 4weekskoreanlanguage club

    We are teaching korean language. We don’t teach grammer.

    just speaking to korean.

    We can made you how to speak korean words and sentences.

    We will not teach home tuition. We are teaching from skype.

    I’m staying near Yio chu kang MRT station.

    Cellphone number : 8302-4226

    Also you can find my facebook id is Home Tuition in facebook.

    Thank you.








    A online(skype)

    1 s$25
    1.5 s$35
    2 s$45

    B Phone 10 minnutes s$7
    20 minnutes s$14
    30 minnutes s$21
    40 minnutes s$28
    50 minnutes s$35
    60 minnutes s$42

    free offer

    MP file
    online book
    Group class
    exhang of culture
    (once a month in singapore)

  47. I studied Korean at inlingua and I was very happy with the school and my teacher. On top of that the material was included in the price, which was overall very competitive. Why aren’t there any details about the school in this site? 🙁

    • Hi Jay R, we also depend on our readers to help provide useful information. More information will be appreciated! Meanwhile, I will try to beef up too ;=)

  48. I was a student from Agape. It was an amazing 9 months of Korean with them. Within that period of time, the tutor was really nice and I am able to at least hold a basic conversation with my korean friends with ease. If you want to learn korean the most effective way (grammar), I would strongly recommend Agape given it’s pricing and quality. 🙂

  49. I studied at ara korean for about 4 months last year. The textbook used is by go ryeo dae hakgyo. I feel that the teachers are not bad in terms of explanation and conducting lessons. Their new website seems interesting and educational~
    New sch iSpeak Korean looks interesting but have no idea of their teachers and textbooks.

  50. I’m a student of Agape School of Education. The classes there are really affordable at $208 inclusive of their learning materials. So there’s no worry about having to pay extra when we go for class 🙂
    and my teacher is really dedicated and she gives energy to the class. Really enjoyed my experience at Agape thoroughly and i cant wait to start my beginner 2 korean soon! 🙂

  51. Why is singapore Korean school very affordable ? It cost 500+ for just elementary 1 🙁 there’s 3 level for elementary. 3 for intermediate and so on! Pls do correct me if I’m wrong >.< I'm just confused as I wan learn Korean language but don't know which school to choose!

  52. I am a student of i.Speak Korean Language center.
    this school opened by NUS,NUS Extension teachers.
    location is near bugis MRT.
    I had a lot of fun in classes. teacher made learning Korean very fun with her cheerful disposition and sincerity.

    • Thank you Jason, Joyce, for the feedback on the new school :). It looks like this new kid on the block is going to be a real contender in this expanding industry. Keep the comments comin’!


  53. A pity that NUS extension is not longer offering Korean Language courses! 🙁

    Anyway, have you heard of i.speak Korean Language Center? The centre is opened by a former teacher at the NUS Extension. I am currently a student at i.speak. Really enjoying the classes and the teachers are very nice and friendly too!! Highly recommended to join them! The prices are very reasonable and definitely value for $$! ^^

    You may want to visit their website to find out more about the school!!!

    • Dear MK, Sakura,

      Wow, you are right! NUS Extension has quite suddenly stopped offering Korean!

      “We regret to announce that NUS Extension will not be offering the Korean Language Programme with immediate effect. This is part of our efforts to consolidate our programme offerings so as to align with the overall strategic direction of the University.

      We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who had given their support for our Korean Language Programme in the past. It has been a privilege to be part of your learning journey, and we will be glad to continue to be your learning partner in other training areas.”

      Thanks for the info, I’ve reflected that accordingly. Time to look for more schools. Feel free to add your review to this page!


  54. Hi,

    Thank you for this page! Just a comment, can you write up on the course fee in terms of fees/session? I think that will be better for comparison because of the varying number of lessons and hours across the different schools.

  55. Hi, hv you heard of Agape School of Education at goldhill centre? It is not listed in your recommendations above? The school is offering a promo of 200+ 😀 for 12 x 1.5 hour lessons.

    I am actually looking for a korean school that also offers fun activities as i am also learning kpop dance :D.

    Hope to hear from ya soon as would like to decide soon on where to start. Cheers n happy new yr

  56. I go to a community centre for the lessons. The lessons are conducted by Mdm Jang from Jang K.C. Centre. She runs classes at 4 different community centres and offers beginners to advanced classes. I’ve seen her son teaching too.
    The CC charges about $125 for 10 sessions of 1.5hours each. Class size about 30 people for the beginners class.
    Notes are prepared by Mdm Jang and seems sufficient for the lessons so far. But I do not have textbooks like Sogang/Yonsei/KyungHee to compare with.
    Looking through the CC website, it seems that intermediate and advanced classes are a little more expensive than beginners. About $20-30 difference.

  57. Hi I am studying intermediate level at Daehan now. I cannot really comment on Daehan because I have only started a few lessons. But I think my Basic lessons at Hanok was really interactive and useful. The explanation was easy to understand. I think the teacher majored in Korean Language in grad school in Korea or something. I studied there from Basic 1 to 4 because they only have 4 basic levels! 🙁 So I had to look for other schools. There are 10 lessons in one level, and 2 hours per lesson. Own material is used until Level 4 when Easy Korean is used. The fee is about $280 per level. There are discounts for students and if register with friends. I think discount is only for Level 1 or first-time registration. It was really just a classroom but I think they recently moved to a bigger location, also near Jurong East MRT. More information on their Facebook page, the website is not very updated. 😀 I am still looking around because Daehan is a little far for me.

  58. Hi Min, hmmmm. Good question. We can start a post/review on that actually. We’ll need our readers to throw up some good names and where they are based.

    I do know that some of the schools in the review above do actually offer private tuition, from our web research on the schools. ezSAM, Ganada, Sejong, just to name a few. It’s likely of course that the lessons will be in the weekday mornings / afternoons and weekends (avoiding the “peak hour” of normal Korean classes for working adults i.e. weekday evenings). So you may want to look through the websites in the reviews above to see if they do offer. CVs/intro of some of the tutors are on the website too, so that will help you.

    I’ve also come across a website that offers to help you look for tutors. I think it’s like an agent of sorts, but have no feedback on that. Hope this helps.

  59. Thanks Meiying, for the useful info. We’ve updated the background information on Sejong Language School. Do keep the information coming : )

  60. I’ve got some info about the new Korean language school, Sejong Korean Language School which might be useful to share (: They’re at International Plaza at tanjong pagar which is right opposite the MRT station lift. Their courses are about 360 for 1 term which is 12 lessons long, about one and half hours each lesson. My friend told me that it is started by one of the really good teachers who used to work at another korean school. Apparently there are no registration fees and all the course materials are provided so you don’t have to worry about seeing one price on the website and then having to fork out more when you go to register. Most of the students seem to be working adults (given the location) and seem quite serious about learning the language and not just go-for-fun types. I’m waiting for my first lesson to start (in 15 minutes) quite excited! I’ve been warned that the syllabus here is more challenging then the other schools and they focus a lot on conversation but i’m hoping to take TOPIK next year so I appreciate that its harder!

  61. Thanks er Korean’s fun to learn! for your very useful feedback. We’ve reflected some of your comments In our article accordingly. Keep the reviews coming!

  62. I’m a student w ezSam. Basically, it’s a school opened to take students that cannot or do not wish to go to the NUS campus at Kent Ridge. Of course, with other students as well. Most of the teachers teach at NUS, Singapore Korean School and etc. So, all the teachers at ezSam have a glowing background. I have also studied at NUS Extensions previously, and in my opinion, it basically is more for those who are into writing the Korean language, or for those who are going to work in korea or study in a Korean university. As for ezSam, it focuses more on the conversational aspect of the Korean language, which is good for travelling and living in Korea. As classes are smaller (about 12-15 per class), it is more personal environment and the teachers will be able to help every student. But don’t expect too much, because the classrooms are really small. But given such a wonderful location, it’s really not bad already.

    Hope my opinion helps.

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    The administrators

  64. I am a student of Daehan and I have no idea when this post was posted but Daehan’s school fees are currently around 360 more or less depending on two factors: If you studied before(there will be a discount) and if you want to buy the textbook or buy it yourself outside.

    Im personally satisfied with Daehan as the institute that I go to and can’t wait for my Basic 3 to start! 🙂 Great post evaluating about the various schools in SG.


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